Migration Guide 2.11-2.12

Once you upgrade to Kyma 2.12, perform the manual steps described in the Migration Guide.


Annotation-based scraping of metrics for system components

In preparation for the upcoming modularization and having a reduced set of dependencies on a module, Kyma switched to an annotation-based scraping of metrics for system components. With that, the ServiceMonitors of the components must be cleaned up. When you upgrade from Kyma 2.11 to 2.12, either run the script cleanup.sh or run the commands from the script manually.

Remove Init Container from telemetry-operator deployment

Creating the ValidatingWebhookConfiguration and the related CA bundle was moved from an init container to the operator itself. Run the cleanup script to remove the old init container.

Application Connectivity

Removal of the compass-system Namespace

With Kyma 2.12, Compass Runtime Agent will deploy in the kyma-system Namespace instead of compass-system. After upgrading Kyma to the 2.12 version, you must execute this script that removes the compass-system Namespace and patches the CompassConnection custom resource.