Git source type

Depending on a runtime you use to build your Function (Node.js 14, Node.js 16, or Python 3.9), your Git repository must contain at least a directory with these files:

  • handler.js or with Function's code
  • package.json or requirements.txt with Function's dependencies

The Function CR must contain type: git to specify that you use a Git repository for the Function's sources.

To create a Function with the Git source, you must:

  1. Create a GitRepository CR with details of your Git repository.
  2. Create a Secret (optional, only if you must authenticate to the repository).
  3. Create a Function CR with your Function definition and references to the Git repository.

NOTE: For detailed steps, see the tutorial on creating a Function from Git repository sources.

You can have various setups for your Function's Git source with different:

  • Directory structures

    You can specify the location of your code dependencies with the baseDir parameter in the Function CR. For example, use "/" if you keep the source files at the root of your repository.

  • Authentication methods

    You can define with the spec.auth parameter in the GitRepository CR that you must authenticate to the repository with a password or token (basic), or an SSH key (key).

  • Function's rebuild triggers

    You can use the reference parameter in the GitRepository CR to define whether the Function Controller must monitor a given branch or commit in the Git repository to rebuild the Function upon their changes.