Compass Connection

The CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) is a detailed description of the kind of data and the format used to preserve the status of the connection between the Runtime Agent and Compass. The CompassConnection custom resource (CR) contains the connection statuses and Compass URLs. To get the up-to-date CRD and show the output in the yaml format, run this command:

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kubectl get crd -o yaml

Sample custom resource

This is a sample resource that registers the compass-agent-connection CompassConnection which preserves the status of the connection between Runtime Agent and Compass. It also stores the URLs for the Connector and the Director.

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kind: CompassConnection
name: compass-connection
connectionState: ConnectionMaintenanceFailed
acquired: "2020-02-11T10:35:22Z"
notAfter: "2020-05-11T10:35:22Z"
notBefore: "2020-02-11T10:35:22Z"
established: "2020-02-11T10:35:22Z"
lastSuccess: "2020-02-12T10:45:10Z"
lastSync: "2020-02-12T12:37:48Z"
renewed: null
lastAttempt: "2020-02-12T10:45:10Z"
lastSuccessfulApplication: "2020-02-12T10:45:10Z"
lastSuccessfulFetch: "2020-02-12T10:45:10Z"

Custom resource parameters

This table lists all the possible parameters of the CompassConnection custom resource together with their descriptions:

metadata.nameYesSpecifies the name of the CR.
spec.managementInfo.connectorUrlYesConnector URL used for maintaining secure connection.
spec.managementInfo.directorUrlYesDirector URL used for fetching Applications.

These components use this CR:

Runtime AgentStores the Connector and Director URLs and preserves the status of the connection with Compass in this CR.

Additional information

Runtime Agent adds the status section which describes the statuses of the connection and synchronization to the created CR periodically. This table lists the fields of the status section.

status.connectionStatusDescribes the status of the connection with Compass.
status.connectionStatus.certificateStatusProvides the dates of when the certificate was issued and when it expires.
status.connectionStatus.establishedProvides the date of when the connection was established.
status.connectionStatus.lastSuccessProvides the date of the last successful synchronization with the Connector.
status.connectionStatus.lastSyncProvides the date of the last synchronization attempt.
status.connectionStatus.renewedProvides the date of the last certificate renewal.
status.synchronizationStatusDescribes the status of the synchronization with the Director.
status.synchronizationStatus.lastAttemptProvides the date of the last synchronization attempt with the Director.
status.synchronizationStatus.lastSuccessfulFetchProvides the date of the last successful fetch of resources from the Director.
status.synchronizationStatus.lastSuccessfulApplicationProvides the date of the last successful application of resources fetched from Compass.