The CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) is a detailed description of the kind of data and the format the Reconciler uses to configure and install Istio. To get the up-to-date CRD and show the output in the yaml format, run this command:

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kubectl get crd -o yaml

Sample custom resource

This is a sample Istio custom resource (CR) that the Reconciler uses to configure and install Istio. This example shows the single supported numTrustedProxies configuration setting. There must be only one Istio CR on the cluster.

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kind: Istio
name: istio
labels: istio
numTrustedProxies: 1

This table lists all the possible parameters of a given resource together with their descriptions:

metadata.nameYESSpecifies the name of the Istio Manager CR.
spec.config.numTrustedProxiesNOSpecifies the number of trusted proxies; for more information, read the Istio documentation.