The eventingbackends.eventing.kyma-project.io CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) is a detailed description of the kind of data used to manage Eventing backends within Kyma. To get the up-to-date CRD and show the output in the YAML format, run this command:

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kubectl get crd eventingbackends.eventing.kyma-project.io -o yaml

Sample custom resource

This is a sample EventingBackend custom resource (CR) that the Eventing Controller creates by default when Kyma is deployed. It has an empty spec section.

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apiVersion: eventing.kyma-project.io/v1alpha1
kind: EventingBackend
name: eventing-backend
namespace: kyma-system
spec: {}

Additional information

When you fetch an existing EventingBackend CR, the Eventing Controller adds the status section, which shows the current status of Kyma Eventing. The following table lists the fields of the status section.

status.backendTypeSpecifies the backend type used.
status.conditions.codeConditions defines the ready status of the Eventing Controller and the Eventing Publisher Proxy.
status.eventingReadyCurrent ready status of the EventingBackend.

The status field of this CR looks like this:

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backendType: NATS
- lastTransitionTime: "2022-07-05T06:07:57Z"
reason: Publisher proxy deployment ready
status: "True"
type: Publisher Proxy Ready
- lastTransitionTime: "2022-07-05T06:07:57Z"
reason: Subscription controller started
status: "True"
type: Subscription Controller Ready
eventingReady: true

These components use this CR:

Eventing ControllerThe Eventing Controller uses this CR to display its ready status and the ready status of the Event Publisher Proxy.