Connection with Compass

Runtime Agent connects to Compass using a one-time token from the Connector and exchanges it for a certificate, which is later used to fetch Applications from the Director.

The initial connection requires the following parameters:

ParameterDescriptionExample value
CONNECTOR_URLConnector URLhttps://compass-gateway.kyma.local/connector/graphql
RUNTIME_IDID of the Runtime registered in the Director1ae04041-17e5-478f-91f8-3a2ddc7700de
TENANTTenant ID3e64ebae-38b5-46a0-b1ed-9ccee153a0ae
TOKENOne-time token generated for the Runtime2I7VVX5CqxHioEBQGPxWSp3k90uw51tmx5dbo0IZd5VNFzGoPfppYrMIuoCNwFOKp05wsioJNLJYxdI-LKlUYA==

Runtime Agent reads this configuration from the Secret specified in the Runtime Agent Deployment (compass-agent-configuration by default).

To see how to create the Secret, see the tutorial.

Connection status

The connection status is preserved in the CompassConnection custom resource (CR). This CR also stores the Connector URL and the Director URL.

Reconnecting Runtime Agent

If the connection with Compass fails, Runtime Agent keeps trying to connect with the token from the Secret. If the connection is established successfully, Runtime Agent ignores the Secret until the connection is lost.

To see how to reconnect Runtime Agent with Compass, see the tutorial.