Incompatible Istio sidecar version after Kyma upgrade


You upgraded Kyma and mesh connectivity is broken.


By default, Kyma has sidecar injection disabled - there is no automatic sidecar injection into any Pod in a cluster. For more information, read the document about enabling Istio sidecar proxy injection.

The sidecar version in Pods must match the installed Istio version. Otherwise, mesh connectivity may be broken. This issue may appear during Kyma upgrade. When Kyma is upgraded to a new version along with a new Istio version, existing sidecars injected into Pods remain in an original version. Kyma contains istio-proxy-reset that performs a rollout for most common workload types, such as Deployments, DaemonSets, etc. The job ensures all Kyma components are properly updated. However, some user-defined workloads can't be rolled out automatically. This applies, for example, to a standalone Pod without any backing management mechanism, such as a ReplicaSet or a Job. Such user-defined workloads, that are not part of Kyma, must be manually restarted to work correctly with the updated Istio version.


To check if any Pods or workloads require a manual restart, follow these steps:

  1. Check the installed Istio version using one of these methods:
  • From the istiod deployment in a running cluster, run:

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    export KYMA_ISTIO_VERSION=$(kubectl get deployment istiod -n istio-system -o json | jq '.spec.template.spec.containers | .[].image' | sed 's/[^:"]*[:]//' | sed 's/["]//g')
  • From Kyma sources, run this command from within the directory that contains Kyma sources:

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    export KYMA_ISTIO_VERSION=$(cat resources/istio/Chart.yaml | grep version | sed 's/[^:]*[:]//' | sed 's/ //g')
  1. Get the list of objects which require rollout. Find all Pods with outdated sidecars. The returned list follows the name/namespace format. The empty output means that there is no Pod that requires migration. To find all outdated Pods, run:

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    kubectl get pods -A -o json | jq -rc '.items | .[] | select(.spec.containers[].image | startswith("'"${COMMON_ISTIO_PROXY_IMAGE_PREFIX}"'") and (endswith("'"${KYMA_ISTIO_VERSION}"'") | not)) | "\(\(.metadata.namespace)"'
  2. After you find a set of objects that require the manual update, restart their related workloads so that new Istio sidecars are injected into the Pods.