Issues with Istio sidecar injection


A Pod doesn't have a sidecar but you did not disable sidecar injection on purpose.


By default, Kyma has sidecar injection disabled - there is no automatic sidecar injection into any Pod in a cluster. For more information, read the document about enabling Istio sidecar proxy injection.


Follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check if sidecar injection is enabled in the Namespace of the Pod. Run this command to check the istio-injection label:

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    kubectl get namespaces {NAMESPACE} -o jsonpath='{ .metadata.labels.istio-injection }'

    If the command does not return enabled, the sidecar injection is disabled in this Namespace. To add a sidecar to the Pod, move the Pod's deployment to a Namespace that has sidecar injection enabled, or add the label to the Namespace and restart the Pod.

    WARNING: Adding the istio-injection=enabled label from the Namespace results in injecting sidecars to all Pods inside of the Namespace.

  2. Check if sidecar injection is enabled in the Pod's Deployment:

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    kubectl get deployments {DEPLOYMENT_NAME} -n {NAMESPACE} -o jsonpath='{ .spec.template.metadata.labels }'

    Sidecar injection is disabled if the output does not contain the line. Change or add the label and restart the Pod to enable sidecar injection for the Deployment.

For more information, read Istio documentation.