Can't access a Kyma endpoint (503 status code)


You try to access a Kyma endpoint and receive the 503 status code.


This can be caused by a configuration error in the Istio Ingress Gateway. As a result, the endpoint you call is not exposed.


To fix this problem, restart the Pods of the Gateway.

  1. List all available endpoints:

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    kubectl get virtualservice --all-namespaces
  2. Restart the Pods of the Istio Ingress Gateway to force them to recreate their configuration:

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    kubectl delete pod -l app=istio-ingressgateway -n istio-system

If this solution doesn't work, you need to change the image of the Istio Ingress Gateway to allow further investigation. Kyma uses distroless Istio images which are more secure, but you cannot execute commands inside them. Follow this steps:

  1. Edit the Istio Ingress Gateway Deployment:

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    kubectl edit deployment -n istio-system istio-ingressgateway
  2. Find the istio-proxy container and delete the -distroless suffix.

  3. Check all ports used by the Istio Ingress Gateway:

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    kubectl exec -ti -n istio-system $(kubectl get pod -l app=istio-ingressgateway -n istio-system -o name) -c istio-proxy -- netstat -lptnu
  4. If ports 80 and 443 are not used, check the logs of the Istio Ingress Gateway container for errors related to certificates. Run:

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    kubectl logs -n istio-system -l app=istio-ingressgateway -c ingress-sds
  5. In the case of certificate-related issues, make sure that the kyma-gateway-certs and kyma-gateway-certs-cacert Secrets are available in the istio-system Namespace and that they contain proper data. Run:

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    kubectl get secrets -n istio-system kyma-gateway-certs -oyaml
    kubectl get secrets -n istio-system kyma-gateway-certs-cacert -oyaml
  1. To regenerate a corrupted certificate, follow this tutorial. If you are running Kyma provisioned through Gardener, follow this troubleshooting guide instead.

    NOTE: Remember to switch back to the distroless image after you resolved the issue.