Trace backend doesn't show the traces you want to see


Trace backend shows fewer traces than you would like to see.


By default, only 1% of the requests are sent to the trace backend for trace recording.


To see more traces in the trace backend, increase the percentage of requests by changing the default settings. If you just want to see traces for one particular request, you can manually force sampling.

Change the default setting

To override the default percentage, you deploy a YAML file to an existing Kyma installation.

  1. To set the value for the randomSamplingPercentage attribute, create a values YAML file. The following example sets the value to 60, which means 60% of the requests are sent to tracing backend.

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    kind: Telemetry
    name: kyma-traces
    namespace: istio-system
    - providers:
    - name: "kyma-traces"
    randomSamplingPercentage: 60