Subscriber receives irrelevant events


Subscriber receives irrelevant events.


To conform to Cloud Event specifications, Eventing modifies the event names to filter out non-alphanumeric characters. For details, see event name cleanup. In some cases, it can lead to a naming collision, which can cause subscribers to receive irrelevant events.


Follow these steps to detect if naming collision is the source of the problem:

  1. Get the clean event types from the status of the Subscription.

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    kubectl -n {NAMESPACE} get {NAME} -o jsonpath='{.status.cleanEventTypes}'
  2. Search for any other Subscription using the same CleanEventType as in your Subscription.

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    kubectl get -A | grep {CLEAN_EVENT_TYPE}
  3. If you find that the CleanEventType collides with some other Subscription, a solution for this would be to provide an application-type label (with alphanumeric characters only), which is then used by the Eventing services instead of the Application name. If the application-type label also contains any non-alphanumeric character, the underlying Eventing services clean it and use the cleaned label.