Could not resolve host


After all the steps required to set up your custom domain are finished, you receive the could not resolve host error when you try to expose a service. It shows up when you call the service endpoint by sending a GET request. The error looks as follows:

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curl: (6) Could not resolve host:


The error could result from:

  • Timing issues during the DNSEntry creation
  • VPN connection on - issues related to DNS servers managed by your VPN provider
  • Invalid DNS settings on your OS


  • Wait for the DNSEntry custom resource to be created. Check if it has the Ready status using the following command:
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kubectl get dns-entry
  • Turn the VPN off.

  • Log in to your DNS provider's console and check if your new domain entry was added.

  • Check if your local DNS configuration in /etc/hosts, or an equivalent file on your OS, contains an entry for the target host. If it does, remove the entry.