Kyma Eventing Metrics

Kyma Eventing provides several Grafana Dashboard with various metrics, so you can monitor statistics and other information in real time. The metrics follow the Prometheus naming convention.

Metrics Emitted by Eventing Publisher Proxy:

eventing_epp_backend_errors_totalTotal number of backend errors while sending events to the messaging server.
eventing_epp_backend_duration_millisecondsDuration of sending events to the messaging server in milliseconds.
eventing_epp_requests_duration_millisecondsDuration of processing an incoming request that includes sending the event to the backend.
eventing_epp_backend_requests_totalTotal number of event publishing requests to the NATS messaging server.
eventing_epp_requests_totalTotal number of publishing requests to the EPP.
eventing_epp_event_type_published_totalTotal number of event publishing requests to the NATS messaging server for a given eventType.

Metrics Emitted by Eventing Controller:

nats_ec_event_type_subscribed_totalTotal number of all the eventTypes subscribed using the Subscription CRD.
nats_ec_delivery_per_subscription_totalTotal number of dispatched events per subscription, with status code and sink.

Metrics Emitted by NATS Exporter:

The Prometheus NATS Exporter also emits metrics that you can monitor. Learn more about NATS Monitoring.