Grafana Dashboards for Kyma Eventing

Kyma Eventing provides several Grafana Dashboard with various metrics, so you can monitor statistics and other information in real time.

NOTE: See how to expose Grafana securely for easier access in the future.

NOTE: Prometheus and Grafana are deprecated and are planned to be removed. If you want to install a custom stack, take a look at Install a custom kube-prometheus-stack in Kyma.

  1. To access the Grafana Dashboard, port-forward the Grafana Service to localhost:

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    kubectl -n kyma-system port-forward svc/monitoring-grafana 8081:80
  2. Access the Grafana Dashboard on localhost:8081.

  3. Select the Grafana Dashboard with the desired information about Kyma Eventing:

Eventing PodsInformation about CPU, memory, and network resources consumed by the Kyma Eventing Pods.
Eventing DeliveryStatistics of HTTP requests to event publisher proxy and NATS subscribers. Also contains successful and failed events published, as well as delivery statistics and analytical information for published and subscribed event types and their respective mapping.
Eventing LatencyLatency information in the event delivery lifecycle from Eventing publisher proxy to Eventing backend servers, and from dispatcher to subscriber.
NATS ServersInformation about CPU, memory, and network resources consumed by the NATS Servers
NATS JetStreamNATS JetStream-specific information about streams and consumers.