Log into a private package registry using credentials from a Secret

Serverless allows you to consume private packages in your Functions. This tutorial shows how you can log into a private package registry by defining credentials in a Secret custom resource (CR).


Create a Secret

Create a Secret CR for your Node.js or Python Functions. You can also create one combined Secret CR for both runtimes.

  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Node.js & Python

Test the package registry switch

Create a Function with dependencies from the external registry. Check if your Function was created and all conditions are set to True:

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kubectl get functions -n $NAMESPACE

You should get a result similar to the this example:

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test-function True True True nodejs16 1 96s

CAUTION: If you want to create a cluster-wide Secret, you must create it in the kyma-system Namespace and add the serverless.kyma-project.io/config: credentials label. Read more about requirements for Secret CRs.