Useful links

Find out more about Eventing by following the links on this page.

To learn more about how Eventing works, see:

  • Eventing architecture - describes how Eventing works and the main actors involved, such as the Eventing Controller and Event Publisher Proxy.
  • Event names - contains information about event names and event name cleanup.
  • EventingBackend CR - describes the EventingBackend custom resource, which shows the current status of Kyma Eventing.
  • Subscription CR - describes the Subscription custom resource, which you need to subscribe to events.
  • CloudEvents - provides information about the CloudEvents specification used in Kyma.
  • NATS JetStream - provides more information about the backend technology behind Eventing in Kyma. Eventing Architecture provides details on the new functionalities and higher qualities of service on top of Core NATS.

To perform tasks with Eventing, go through these tutorials:

To troubleshoot Eventing-related issues:

For other technical resources, check out these links on the Kyma GitHub repository: