In the community repository on GitHub under the resources folder you can find templates for various document types to use in different Kyma repositories.

Document types templates

Use a particular document type template to be consistent with the Kyma standards. The tables provide an overview of the template names, the repository they refer to, and their usage:

NOTE: If a template does not specify otherwise, all sections are optional.

General documents

This table contains templates for general documents, such as NOTES.txt and README.md document types.

kymaNOTES.txtUse the template for charts.All contributors
kymaREADME.mdUse the template only for internal charts with in-house components.All contributors
examplesREADME.mdUse the template for examples.All contributors
AllREADME.mdUse the template for the README.md document in any repository, directory, or subdirectory within the Kyma organization.All contributors

See the following table to find a template of Kyma graphics and logo.

No specific repositoryOfficial Kyma graphics and logoUse these graphics for any Kyma-related communication.All contributors

Document types for Kyma components

This table lists all document types used to fully describe a Kyma component.

kyma/docsoverview.mdUse the template to introduce a Kyma component.All contributors
kyma/docsarchitecture.mdUse the template to describe the architecture of a Kyma component.All contributors
kyma/docsdetails.mdUse the template to provide more details about a Kyma component.All contributors
kyma/docsconfiguration.mdUse the template to describe configuration options for a Kyma chart or sub-chart.All contributors
kyma/docscustom-resource.mdUse the template to describe a custom resource (CR) and its elements.All contributors
kyma/docscli-reference.mdUse the template to describe the syntax and the use of CLI commands for a given component.All contributors
kyma/docstutorials.mdUse the template to provide a clear step-by-step instruction that helps the user to understand a given concept better.All contributors
kyma/docstroubleshooting.mdUse the template to explain all details needed for Kyma and its components' troubleshooting.All contributors
kyma/docsmetrics.mdUse the template to describe custom and default metrics for services or controllers.All contributors

Special Interest Group and Working Group

In the table you can find README.md and meeting notes templates for SIGs and WGs.

community/sig-and-wgsig-wg-readme-template.mdUse the template for the main README.md document in a given SIG or WG folder.SIG and WG members
community/sig-and-wgsig-wg-meeting-notes-template.mdUse the template to document meeting notes of a given SIG or WG.SIG and WG members

Release notes

See the templates for providing input and writing release notes.

website/content/blog-postsrelease-notes.mdUse the template to write release notes.Technical Writers
Internal userelease-notes-input.mdUse the template to provide input for the release notes.Product Owners

NOTE: Update the tables each time you add a new template to the resources folder.

Go to the repository guidelines section for the template of an exemplary Kyma repository.