Release process improvement

To ensure continuous improvement of the release process, during or after each release the Release Master creates and describes Github issues regarding potential enhancements. These issues are tagged with the quality/release label and added to the Release Improvement Backlog.

After the release is complete, the team responsible for the release, the Release Manager and the previous Release Master meet to refine the Release Improvement Backlog. During the meeting, they discuss the issues in detail and estimate time needed for their implementation. Taking into account how much time during the following release process could be saved, the meeting participants make a decision of the issue(s) bringing the most value to be prioritized.

The team responsible for the release invests time to implement the prioritized release improvement. The implementation must be ready before the following release process starts.

Such an approach ensures the release process is better and better with every release. Also, both the responsibility for the release improvements and the workload are distributed among all Kyma teams instead of a single person, team or SIG.