API Gateway release process

This document describes how to create an API Gateway release.

Release content

An API Gateway release consists of:

  • A GitHub release with automated changelog generation
  • Artifacts, including api-gateway binary and source code archives
  • A release tag and branch holding the code


  1. Create a release branch in the api-gateway repository. The name of this branch must follow the release-x.y pattern, such as release-1.2.

    NOTE: This step applies only to new major and minor versions.

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    git fetch upstream
    git checkout --no-track -b {RELEASE_NAME} upstream/main
    git push upstream {RELEASE_NAME}
  2. Create a PR to api-gateway/release-x.y that triggers the presubmit job for api-gateway.

  3. After merging the PR, create a tag on the release branch that has the value of the new api-gateway release version.

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    git tag -a {RELEASE_VERSION} -m "Release {RELEASE_VERSION}"

    Replace {RELEASE_VERSION} with the new api-gateway release version, for example, 1.2.0.

  4. Create the new version.

    1. Push the tag to trigger a postsubmit job that creates a GitHub release. Check whether the release is available under releases.

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      git push upstream {RELEASE_VERSION}
    2. Verify the Prow Status of the matching revision ({RELEASE_VERSION}).

    3. If the postsubmit job failed, you can re-trigger it by removing the tag from upstream and pushing it again.

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      git push --delete upstream {RELEASE_VERSION}
      git push upstream {RELEASE_VERSION}
  5. After the release, a tarball is available on Github update Kyma resources.

    Create a PR to Kyma and include details on the features released with the new API Gateway version. Provide a description, as in the example:

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    Changes proposed in this pull request:
    Bump `api-gateway` component to 1.2.0, which includes:
    - Include support of namespaces on APIRule CRD
    - Refactoring and optimizations
    - [Release changelog and info](https://github.com/kyma-project/api-gateway/releases/tag/1.2.0)
    **Related issue(s)**

    In this PR, update the release version in the Chart and the image versions in the Chart values.

  6. Configure Dependabot to watch the release branch if a new one was created.