Kyma CLI release process

This document describes how to create a Kyma CLI release.

Release content

A Kyma CLI release consists of:

  • GitHub release with automated changelog generation
  • Artifacts, including cli binaries and source code archives
  • A release tag or branch holding the code


  1. After Kyma is released, create a release branch in the cli repository. The name of this branch must follow the release-x.y pattern, such as release-2.4.

    NOTE: This step applies only to new major and minor versions.

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    git fetch upstream
    git checkout --no-track -b {RELEASE_NAME} upstream/main
    git push upstream {RELEASE_NAME}
  2. Check the internal/config/config.go file from the cli repository on the release branch:

    • The DefaultKyma2Version variable must contain the latest Kyma 2.x.x version.
    • Run make docs to update the CLI help accordingly.
  3. Create a PR to cli/release-x.y that triggers the presubmit job for cli.

  4. After merging the PR, create a tag on the release branch that has the value of the new cli release version. If you define a release candidate version, a pre-release is created.

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    git tag -a {RELEASE_VERSION} -m "Release {RELEASE_VERSION}"

    Replace {RELEASE_VERSION} with the new cli release version, for example, 2.0.0-rc1, 2.0.0-rc2 or 2.0.0.

  5. Create the new version.

    1. Push the tag to trigger a postsubmit job that creates the GitHub release. Check whether the release is available under releases.

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      git push upstream {RELEASE_VERSION}
    2. Verify the Prow Status of the matching revision ({RELEASE_VERSION}).

    3. If the postsubmit job failed, you can re-trigger it by removing the tag from upstream and pushing it again.

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      git push --delete upstream {RELEASE_VERSION}
      git push upstream {RELEASE_VERSION}
  6. After the release tarball is available on Github, update the Homebrew formula, either automatically or manually:

    • If no changes to the build command are needed, this can be done automatically by the Homebrew CLI:

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      brew bump-formula-pr --strict kyma-cli --url{RELEASE_VERSION}.tar.gz

      It creates a PR to Homebrew/homebrew-core that contains the version update changes to the kyma-cli formula. If all checks in this PR are passed, the rest is handled by Homebrew maintainers. If some tests fail, identify the root cause. If it's not due to bugs, simply close your PR and re-run the previous brew bump-formula-pr command with --force mode.

      • If you got the message fatal: a branch named 'bump-kyma-cli-{RELEASE_VERSION}' already exists, delete this local branch.
      • If you got the message Error: You need to bump this formula manually since the new URL and old URL are both:{RELEASE_VERSION}.tar.gz, restore the change in you local repo. The local repo is under /usr/local/Homebrew/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-core(Intel) or /opt/homebrew/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-core(Apple Silicon).
    • Alternatively, create a PR to the kyma-cli Homebrew formula.

    When a Homebrew maintainer approves your PR, the formula is updated.

  7. Verify a day later that the chocolatey formula has been updated: