Kyma Steering Committee

The purpose of the Kyma Steering Committee is to:

  • Maintain the mission, vision, values, and scope of the project
  • Engage in the resolution of conflicts that cannot be solved by other governance rules
  • With the help of the community, refine the governance model as needed
  • Agree to the new SIG or WG proposals or raise concerns about them

The size of the committee

To make sure the committee can always make a majority decision, we have three members. The ultimate goal is to have five members (at least two individual ones) and never four.


Whenever the committee is involved and needs to make a decision, the decision is always made by a majority of vote. In the case of three members, it is 2/3, and in the case of five it is 3/5.


See the list of all current members of the Kyma Steering Committee:

We are aware that at the moment Kyma is steered by a single company, SAP. Our goal is to see on the list of members only one SAP representative and four representatives from outside of SAP. We commit that once there are five members on the list and we have another 2 candidates ready to step in, two SAP representatives will step down to achieve truly open governance of the project with five representatives form different parties.

How to become a member of the committee?

The committee is open for any contributors, individual or corporate. These are the rules we apply:

  • In case of individual contributors, you need to be an active Kyma maintainer for at least 2 major components.
  • A single company can have only one employee in the committee. It is up to the company to suggest a candidate that will acts as a representative of active maintainers for the given company. The representative, however, does not have to be an active maintainer himself/herself.
  • In the case one company has one representative in the committee already, and another member starts working for this company, one of the members must resign once there are other candidates to replace him/her.

Once you fulfill one of the requirements, create a GitHub issue in the community repository and describe:

  • Why you want to join the committee
  • Who you represent
  • What your current contribution to Kyma was
  • What components you officially maintain and provide links to all the activities that you took as a maintainer

The members of the committee openly make comments under the issue. The comment should include information on what the vote is and the reasoning for the vote. The candidate will receive clear feedback in the case the request is rejected, with advice on what must be done to improve the request and be accepted.