Kyma 2.5

Maja Szostok, Technical Writer @Kyma on August 2, 2022

In this release, we're rowing our boat gently down the stream, introducing support for Kubernetes 1.23, new alpha functionality, updates, and deprecation and changes in preparation for the new and better. Read on to find out exactly what Kyma 2.5 has to offer!

See the overview of all changes in this release:

With Kyma 2.5, we now officially support Kubernetes in version 1.23. For more details on this version, read the Kubernetes release notes.

This Kyma release comes with deprecation of the APIRule CR in version

In the future releases, we will work on supporting exposure of multiple services under the same host, and on the first version of securing workloads with Istio. Stay tuned!

With release 2.5, we introduced an exciting alpha feature: Kyma’s Telemetry component.

It opens up the logging stack by separating the log collection and shipment from storage and analysis, and offers configuration possibilities at runtime. To ship logs to your preferred external logging backend, simply provide your own Fluent Bit output configuration. Of course, you can still use Kyma’s pre-configured Loki component as the logging backend within the cluster.

For more information, read the Telemetry component documentation.

With Kyma 2.5, we updated Fluent Bit to version 1.9.6. For more details on this version, read the Fluent Bit release notes.

In this release, we're starting the journey to change the default sidecar injection settings so that they match the defaults in Istio.

We are not making any changes to the sidecar injection with Kyma 2.5, but to prepare for the upcoming migration of existing runtimes, we introduced a temporary parameter: global.sidecarMigration. For now, this new parameter is set to true, so the injection stays enabled.

To learn more about this topic, read about Istio sidecars and why you want them.

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