Say hello to the unofficial Kyma Update Twitter Bot

Christian Lechner, just another Kyma fan on August 6, 2021

Do you spend time on Twitter? Do you want to see a tweet whenever a new Kyma or Kyma CLI release is published? If the answer to both is yes, then say hello to the unofficial Kyma Update Twitter Bot 👋.

As you pushed the Read more button, you would like to get informed about Kyma updates directly on Twitter. Me too, and that was the reason why I built the Twitter Bot that serves this purpose. With this short blog post, I would like to give you some more information about it in FAQ style.

The account of the Twitter Bot is @KymaUpdates.

The bot currently only takes releases into account. Pre-releases are ignored.

I currently focus on Kyma and Kyma-related repositories. You can find the up-to-date list here.

The main technological building blocks used behind the scenes are Azure Functions and the Durable Extension. If you want to take a closer look, I have published a dedicated blog post on the building blocks. You can find it here.

The code is completely available on GitHub in this repository.

The bot is still "young" and it may contain some bugs, so please bear with my little bot. If you find a bug, pull requests are always welcome 😁.

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