Transparency and openness through a clear vision and roadmap

Lukasz Gornicki, Community Manager and Core&Supporting Capability Owner on May 20, 2019

Recently, on our website, we released a new view called Roadmap. Its main purpose is to raise the transparency of the project direction and enable features contribution.

It is not easy to choose the right open source tool. There are many different factors you need to take into account before you make the decision. Luckily, the Internet is full of ideas and suggestions on how to make that choice. For example, you can read the article How to Choose the Best Open Source Software to get some help.

Remember that the amount of commits, issues, and pull-requests (PRs) can be a signal of investment and commitment to a project.

These kind of articles are very helpful. When I started using open source projects as my dependencies, I quickly realized that not all of them are trustworthy and deserve investment. Unfortunately, these guides and articles always focus on me, on the person that performs research. It is always me who needs to do the review, search for information, check out contributors and review projects' backlog. This is relatively easy if you have to choose a small library for parsing .yaml files in a browser. Things get more complicated when you have to decide upon a solution on which you will run or extend your business applications. The size and complexity prevent you from good research. The number of PRs and issues clearly indicates a huge investment in the project, but you can only guess what will come next and how it will evolve. If you have to take a strategic decision, you need to know what the direction, vision and future development plans of a given solution are.

We wanted to improve in this area and make things easier for the Kyma community. We identified in Kyma different capabilities and shared our goal and vision for each of them. The capabilities have their own roadmaps which are in sync with one another and all together constitute an overview of what is going to happen in Kyma in the short and long term. We combined them all in one view called Roadmap.

Thanks to this view you can clearly identify the areas of Kyma that are the most important for you, and see if the planned development goes in the direction you expect. If something is not the way you wanted, you can always share your opinion with us at our Core SIG meetings. Contact us especially if you notice that we are not fully transparent regarding a specific capability, and its roadmap is not properly maintained. Another way to make things better is to join us, and contribute.

Being an open source user for a few years now, I noticed on many different channels that people want to start a contribution to a project, but they do not know what they could contribute. There is a common question: I want to contribute to this project, what feature would be the most interesting for others? This is yet another reason why we worked on this new view on our website. We don't want you to search and invent ideas for contribution. All you need is already there, in our Roadmap. You can just pick a feature that is planned for development, and go forward with a proposal and implementation. This way you know that you contribute to something that is important for Kyma and its future.

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