Kyma 1.0 Gliwice

Barbara Szwarc, Technical Writer @Kyma on April 25, 2019

The 1.0 release may not be abundant in new features, but it surely adds value to your everyday Kyma experience. We have put a lot of effort in securing all the communication inside the Kyma cluster to make Kyma even more stable and secure. These improvements, along with the resolved issues, will make the development even smoother and more enjoyable.

See the overview of all changes in this release:

Loki, a lightweight Prometheus-like log management system, is now the central logging solution. It is fully integrated with the Kyma Console and the bundled Grafana.

Starting from this release, all communication between services is handled by Istio using mutual TLS, which greatly increases the security of implementations built on Kyma. As this feature is connected to the automatic sidecar injection, developers do not need to apply any additional configuration to enable mTLS. Note that you can easily disable mTLS on the Namespace or Service level.

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