The Core Special Interest Group

Ana Yankovich, Knowledge Consultant @Kyma on February 20, 2019

As you know, a vibrant community of individuals stands behind the Kyma open-source project. They collaborate through Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Working Groups (WGs), just like it is done in Kubernetes. Additionally, both SIGs and WGs facilitate technical discussions, proposals, and contributions. They also ensure Kyma is a welcoming community for all contributors. The WGs facilitate discussions and work on short-lived, specific topics that either result from the work of SIG groups or that the community members initiate directly.

Is there a SIG I can join?

Yes, there is one main SIG called Core that is the entry point. The Core SIG consists of SIG leaders and members. To learn more about their roles, click here.

Who are the Core SIG leaders?

The Core SIG leaders are Piotr Kopczynski (@PK85), Mateusz Szostok (@mszostok), Ahmed Abdalla (@Abd4llA), and Lukasz Gornicki (@derberg).

What is the purpose of the Core SIG?

The purpose of the Core SIG is to:

  • Publicly represent Kyma.
  • Facilitate collaboration with external contributors.
  • Communicate the Kyma project vision and roadmap to the community.
  • Represent the Kyma contributors.
  • Be the main contribution contact for Kyma.
  • Gauge interest, request the community feedback, and ensure it is addressed.
  • Own all code repositories in the Kyma organization except for the community repository.
  • Showcase proposals to the community and collect feedback on those proposals to assist the decision-making process.
  • Represent its members and the Kyma community in the Council meetings.

I am interested! How can I join the Core SIG?

You can join the Core SIG biweekly meetings that take place on Wednesdays at 15:00 CET on Zoom. If you can't join them, read the meeting agenda and notes here, or watch the meeting recordings on the Kyma YouTube channel.

We're on Slack too! Join the #sig-core Slack channel to ask questions, keep up to date with the latest Core SIG news, or simply to meet the Core SIG leaders and members.

We'd be happy to have you at the Core SIG!

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