A flexible and easy way to connect and extend enterprise applications in a cloud-native world

What is Kyma?

Kyma is an open-source project designed natively on Kubernetes. It allows you to extend and customize cloud-based and on-premise enterprise applications in a quick and modern way, using serverless computing or microservice architecture.

Kyma provides a set of cloud-native components and services required to build modern, end-to-end user experience scenarios that follow a best-practices approach to performance, scalability, efficiency, and security. Use the familiar, idiomatic language and standardized patterns that Kyma offers to extend a single enterprise application or combine existing systems to create new functionalities.

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What makes Kyma so special?

Major open-source and cloud-native projects, such as Istio, NATS, Kubeless, and Prometheus, constitute the cornerstone of Kyma. Its uniqueness, however, lies in the "glue" that holds these components together. Kyma collects those cutting-edge solutions in one place and combines them with the in-house developed features that allow you to connect and extend your enterprise applications easily and intuitively.

Key features

Application Connector

It connects external on-premise or cloud-native applications with Kyma and registers their APIs and Events that internal applications or functions can later consume.


It is based on Kubeless and allows you to write short code snippets, known as functions or lambdas, that consume the Events exposed by the Application Connector and use external services provided by the Service Catalog to trigger certain business logic.

Service Management

It offers third-party services in the form of Service Classes exposed by the Service Brokers that a given function can consume to perform certain actions.

Connect with the Kyma community and get involved!

Kyma has an active and vibrant community that supports its development and helps to drive it forward.

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